Lunch Menu

starters/Sharer Platters

Tarte Flambée (possible sharer)
Thin pizza style dish topped with onions, lardons & cream and served with fresh seasonal salad (available as a vegetarian option with no lardons).


Add Emmental cheese £0.50

Topped with smoked salmon £1.50

French onion soup
Family recipe of onions in a meat stock with an emmental cheese gratinée


Baked camembert (possible sharer)
An entire camembert baked with garlic and rosemary oil, 
served with crusty bread or vegetable crudites and a homemade date & apple chutney



Salad ‘Vosgienne’
Mixed salad, croutons, lardons, hard-boiled egg and crème fraiche


Salad ‘Gourmande’
Mixed salad, avocado, cherry tomatoes, shrimps & smoked salmon


Grilled goat cheese salad (v)
Served on croutons, mixed leaf & walnut salad and a raspberry dressing



Sourdough sandwiches filled with the following choices


Dinde (turkey) & crispy bacon
Sliced turkey, crispy bacon, boiled egg, rocket and mayonnaise

Tuna salad
Tuna, a touch of pesto and seasoned with aromatic vinegar, red onions, rocket salad & mayonnaise 

Brie & miel

Beautiful brie, cherry tomatoes, red onion, rocket salad & a drizzle of Cornish honey

Something a bit more substantial

Quiche Lorraine
Classic French dish made with eggs, ham, bacon & cream, served with a side salad


Red Onion and Courgette Tart
Served with a side salad


Ratatouille Gratinée
Classic ratatouille topped with cheese (vegan available)


Our burgers

Beef burger

Prepared in house and served with fries & salad

Add cheese £0.50

Chicken burger
Tender breast of chicken grilled and served with fries & salad

Add cheese £0.50

Veggie burger

Served with fries & salad

Add cheese £0.50

8oz Served with fries & salad



J.A.K.S. Fish & chips
Coated in a homemade Proper J0b batter and served with chips & a salad


Moules et Frites
Cornish mussels served with fries & crusty bread



Ice Cream
2 scoops of chocolate, coffee, salted caramel or vanilla


J.A.K.S house dessert
2 scoops of vanilla ice cream with a shot of sherry


Malteser special

Chocolate ice cream & meringue topped with Malteser buttons and whipped cream


Creme brulee

A timeless classic of a custard base, caramelised and crusty dessert


Tarte aux pommes

A family recipe of caramelised apples served with clotted or ice cream


Tarte aux fruit rouges creme anglais

Red fruits, custard cream served with clotted or ice cream


Poires belles Helene

Poached pear, vanilla ice cream, hot chocolate and whipped cream


Assiette de fromage/cheeseboard

A beautiful selection of Cornish and French cheese served with biscuits and chutney


Please speak to our staff if you have any allergies or other dietary requirements.

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